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Mount Juliet Estate

Impressive. Intimate. Idyllic.
Mount Juliet Estate is an unforgettable 5-star wedding hotel forged from a great love story over 250 years ago.

Set amidst 500 verdant acres, discover two unique and beautiful wedding venues within one glorious 5-star estate.

Intimate and elegant, the Manor House is an exceptional choice for weddings of up to 96 guests. Offering Georgian glamour and exquisite dining, its an opulent location that has been designed to take your breath away.


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Irish Castles

Enchanting hertitage venues with magnificent banquet halls and fine dining backdropped with romantic gardens and picturesque follies.

Boutique Hotels

Intimate and stylish venues offering a bespoke celebration in the heart of a bustling city or deep in the countryside off the beaten track.

Coastal Hotels

Romantic venues along the rugged shorelines of Ireland’s Ancient East, Causeway Coast and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Country House Hotels

Dotted across Ireland these elegant period houses with beautifally ornate reception rooms can accommodate the grandest or the most intimate of celebrations.

Sustainable ‘Eco’ Hotels

A selection of venues striving for a more sustainabale approach to hospitality and celebration.  

Vegan Hotels

A selection of venues offering exquist vegan and vegetarian feasts on your big day.

New Arrivals

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New Arrivals

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